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BADMINTON Group As from 03/10/2017 the group will meet on a new day (Tuesday)10.00 - 11.00 weekly at a new venue.


DEAF AWARENESS GROUP First meeting on 3rd November at 10.30am, For more information: members see September E-news, non-members use Contact Us page.

WHIST GROUP will meet at a Member's house on 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 2pm for a friendly game and to pass the time in good company, with a chat and a cuppa. For more information: members see September E-news, non-members use Contact Us page.

LIVELY LUNCHES 2 (Only for those who live alone, like good company, and great food) The group will meet monthly at various venues on 2nd Friday each month. To join or obtain more information: members see September E-news, non-members use Contact Us page.


The committee is concerned that people who may be suffering some hearing loss are discouraged from attending interest groups by the problem. It's been decided to hold a workshop to highlight many of the issues, and offer information and assistance to overcome some of the difficulties, and enable more people to benefit from our activities. The workshop will be open to all Stafford U3A members, plus committee members from other nearby U3As who may offer experience in this area.

Proposed agenda
1. Introduction from individuals with personal experience of coping with hearing loss within a U3A.
2. Information on hearing loops.
3. Latest developments in hearing aids.
4. Making the most of loop systems.
5. Lip reading advice
6. Information on funding for those affected
7. Exploring how our U3A can assist members to get more out of the interest groups
8. Questions and answers
The meeting will be held on Monday 2 October 2017, commencing at 10.00am and closing at 1.00pm. Tea and Coffee will be provided.

To find out more:
Members - You can read up-to-date information in the latest edition of the Stafford U3A Newsletter in the Members' Forum. See below for how to register.
Non-members - Use the Contact Us page.


From this website you can access the Members Forum. You can find there contact details and photos of Committee Members and a copy of the latest Stafford U3A Newsletter for when you no longer have your copy.
Its easy to register: Click on "Members Only Forum" at the top right-hand side of the page.
Click on "I agree to these terms" (It would probably be a good idea to read them first)
Fill in all fields. Please make sure you give the correct membership number. Your User Name can be your real name or an alias.
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Under "Confirmation of Registration", you will see some letters and numbers which you need to copy in the box below.
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Then wait to receive an email to confirm your name and membership number match.
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AFTERNOON TEA - Stafford U3A celebrated its Tenth Anniversary on 1st February with an Afternoon Tea for members and guests.
The room was decorated in the U3A colours of blue and yellow with table decorations made by members. The Chairman welcomed nearly two hundred members including those who were involved from the first meetings to form a U3A in Stafford and some special guests: Norma gave a brief outline of the history of Stafford U3A and paid tribute individually to all those whose hard work and commitment have contributed to the success of Stafford U3A during the past ten years. Entertainment was provided by Stafford Operatic Society with Songs from the Shows, before the cutting of the Celebration Cake.

Stafford U3A held an Open Day on 28th September at Oddfellows Hall with displays from many of the groups. A slide show ran continuously all day showing groups' activities throughout the year

Stafford U3A now has over 1000 members and during the Open Day, the Mayor of Stafford, Councillor Bryan Cross, presented the 1000th member, Pauline Simpson with a bottle of champagne. The Mayor then toured the exhibition talking to the group leaders, members and visitors.

Pauline received champagne from the Mayor watched by her husband, the Chairman and the Vice Chairman. The Slide Show, Short Walks group and Table Tennis. The YHA group display.
Photography Group Display. Garden Group, Membership, Keep Fit. The Three Ages of Cycling - the Cycling Group's Display.
The Bridge Group at Play. The Genealogy Group Display. The Hand Bell Ringers' Display.
The Scrabble Group Display. Reading for Pleasure Display. The Work of the Art Group.


If there is a group at one of the following U3As you would like to join then Stafford U3A members may do so without joining that U3A providing that the group leader has space and is able to accept you. For example the Stafford U3A Monthly Meeting is not open to other U3As under this agreement.
Firstly find out if a U3A offers a group in which you would be interested by visiting their website. then contact the group leader concerned.

Links to Websites:

U3A National Chess by Email

This operates via a page in the members' area of the national website. The wide range of grades of player on the Players List means that anyone from a recent learner to a county player can find someone of their own level to play. Use the Contact Us page to receive more information.

The Virtual U3A

The Virtual U3A (vU3a), which went live in January 2009, is an online-only U3A, affiliated to the Third Age Trust.
One of its principal aims is to provide the U3A experience for those who are rendered isolated in some way by circumstances or geography and unable to play a full part in a terrestrial U3A.
More information is available on the public website where one can also apply for membership.
Why not pay it a visit?
And if you know of anyone who might benefit please pass the information on

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