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Catalan Group - Parlem català

The group meets Weekly on Thursday from 14.00 to 16.00

How do we learn?

Our small group meets most Thursday afternoons in a member's home. We all started as complete beginners in Catalan. As we have no teacher, we are helping each other to follow the course book we have chosen. Our main focus is conversation, so we practise talking and listening to each other using what we have learned. We use internet resources to check pronunciation and to try to make sense of things that puzzle us. We set ourselves homework, which is agreed by the group. Some of us bring laptops, which we share. Those of us who speak Spanish find this helpful.

Why do we want to learn Catalan?

  • So that we can talk to people in their first language in areas where Catalan is spoken. These are popular holiday areas, including Barcelona and the Costa Brava, Valencia, the Balearic Isles and Andorrra.
  • Because we enjoy learning a language.
  • Because it's a challenge! Catalan is not as widely studied as languages like Spanish or French, so there are far fewer resources - but there are some!

Could you join us?

We are making slow but steady progress, so anyone joining us now would need to study what we have already done, with our support. But this is still very much a Beginners' group, so if you enjoy learning languages, if you visist Catalonia or Valencia, or you'd just like to try something completely different, please get in touch.

To find out more about this group:
Members - You can read up-to-date information in the latest edition of the Stafford U3A Newsletter in the Members' Forum. See the Notices page for how to register.
Non-members - Use the Contact Us page.

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