seal for tongue and groove flooring

What You Need to Know About Tongue and Groove Flooring Installation

Tongue and groove flooring has a tongue side that sticks out and a receiving groove side that is indented. Each floor board can slide into place because the tongue side can slide into the groove side. This allows a simple vertical movement to slide your floor boards together and into place during installation. Pros of Tongue and Groove Flooring

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sealing pine tounge and groove? Homesteading Forum

my parents in their old house had pine tongue and groove paneling in a dining area with no direct sunlight..they sealed it with the stuff that was used then on gym floors poly ..later when they took down some old fashioned art to update..the silhouettes of the art was definately seen on the "yellowed" now was awfull looking..they tried sanding it out but it went be careful

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How to Fill Gaps in Floorboards and Seal Floorboards to - DIY Doctor

If you are in the process of sanding and re-finishing your floor after the initial sanding you should save as much sawdust as possible in a container you can apply a layer of PVA adhesive to the gap. This will only work with tongue and groove flooring where the PVA can "sit" on the tongue. Then sprinkle sawdust over the PVA.

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Finishes for Tongue and Groove Pine Siding

Apply the stain to the front of the board before sealing the back and edges and then let it dry. Sealer. Using an acrylic latex polyurethane you can seal your tongue and groove pine paneling with a foam paint roller brush or paint pad.

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Can You Seal the Seams of Laminate Flooring? Hunker

Sealing the expansion gap around the perimeter of the floor which is usually covered by baseboard is a different matter. A sufficiently flexible silicone sealer that allows the flooring to move prevents water from seeping under the flooring and is good protection in areas prone to spills and moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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