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An Undersea Microsoft Server Stays Cool While Processing Data WIRED

Savings of even a few degrees Celsius can significantly extend the lifespan of electronic components; Microsoft reports that on the ocean floor 117 feet down its racks stay 10 degrees cooler

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Ocean floor project model - YouTube

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36 Stunning epoxy resin projects diy that look expensive - Craftionary

36 Stunning epoxy resin projects that are sure to amaze. Resins more specifically epoxy resin is used in making stunning projects for crafts and jewelry. Epoxy countertops and epoxy art have gained a lot of popularity over years.

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Microsoft finds underwater datacenters are reliable practical and use

Microsoft’s Project Natick team proved the underwater datacenter concept was feasible during a 105-day deployment in the Pacific Ocean in 2015. Phase II of the project included contracting with marine specialists in logistics ship building and renewable energy to show that the concept is also practical.

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33 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Earth& 39;s Oceans Best Life

The ocean is like an entirely separate world. There are trenches mountains volcanos and lakes and rivers. As seawater makes its way through layers of salt it forms little depressions on the ocean floor. Because the water around these depressions contains more salt than normal seawater it& 39;s denser and sinks into the depressions creating

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Ocean floor features National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

This graphic shows several ocean floor features on a scale from 0-35000 feet below sea level. The following features are shown at example depths to scale though each feature has a considerable range at which it may occur: continental shelf 300 feet continental slope 300-10000 feet abyssal plain >10000 feet abyssal hill 3000 feet up from the abyssal plain seamount 6000 feet

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Cool Ocean Art Project for Kids Using Salt and Watercolor Paint - Buggy

Don’t leave younger children out of this activity. Theo age 4 loved making his salty ocean painting. Although he is not quite ready to draw ocean animals he drew his own designs which were ocean animals in his eyes When choosing art paper for this project be sure to use a paper that is meant for watercolors.

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Ocean Layers STEM Activity for Kids - Edventures with Kids

Explore the world under the sea with this Ocean Layers Activity for Kids . We LOVE doing science projects about the ocean& 39;s zones and layers each summer It just seems like the right time to explore the big blue sea and learn a little about our favorite marine animals too.

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10 Insanely Easy Ocean Science Experiments — ASL Rochelle

There is gravity on land AND in the ocean. All the animals in the ocean are being pulled down just like you are. Gravity holds us to the floor and all our houses cars and toys too. It also holds the ocean and the animals in the ocean down. But they aren& 39;t on the bottom of the ocean floor like you& 39;re standing on the floor What are they doing?

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